Marin Catering

Pig Roast Catering

If you are looking for an outdoor catered event in Marin, or other bay area locations, The Moveable Beast catering is here to provide everything for your outdoor party needs. We specialize in pig roasts and other whole animal roasts including lamb and goat. Whole turkeys, chickens, ribs or just your basic backyard barbecue with hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, chicken, sausages and steaks. Even a New England Style Clambake. Everything is cooked on site in a “caja asadora” a Cuban roasting box, just like cooking it underground except I won’t have to dig a giant hole in your backyard. Yes, even the clambake can be done in the box. The caja asadora is a unique cooking method and is widely used in the latin community, especially Cuba. It takes up very little space so you and your guests have plenty of room to enjoy your backyard feast.

Other Catering options

Although we do pig roasts and other whole animal roasts, we can cater a vegetarian event as well. Between our regular side dishes and other items, we are confident that vegetarians and vegans alike will enjoy what the moveable beast catering has to offer. Any dishes that contain meat or meat products can be altered to satisfy our vegetarian friends that partake in our outdoor event. Farm fresh vegetables, beans, organic rice and grains, this is just the tip of the iceberg as to what we can do with vegetables. So don’t fret over satisfying your vegetarian guests. We will make sure that your outdoor event, whether it be a barbecue, pig roast or New England Style clambake, caters to your vegetarian and vegan guests as well.


San Francisco Bay Area Catering Company

Food Options – Barbecue, Clam Bake, Vegetarian and More!

We are full service barbecue catering company in Marin County and we travel throughout the entire San Francisco bay area.  We We specialize in Pig Roast barbecuing and more!  We also feature other items that are available upon request, including a full vegetarian catering menu.  If you are seeking a unique catering experience, The Moveable Beast is the perfect caterer for your next event.  Our portable catering service is available at any location and for any event.  We excel at catering corporate events, weddings, public events, family reunions, block parties and more.  In addition to our flagship pig roast barbecue, we can also cater any meat or vegetables of your choice.  If you have something in mind, we offer free consultations and can customize a menu to meet your event needs.  If you are interested in scheduling us for you next event, give us a call today!

Click Here to view our  Catering Menu

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